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Welcome to Tanzania, a premium safaris and holidays destination in East Africa. We offer the best Tanzania Safaris and Holidays, giving you nothing less but fun-filled safari adventures and memories. Explore the greater national parks and reserves, and conservation areas in Tanzania with us. 

Tanzania offers a wide range of African Safaris and holidays such as private safaris, family safaris, and honeymoon safaris, but also offers specific experiences that are not limited to Wildebeest Migration, the Calving Season experiences, Tanzanite experiences, cultural experiences, summiting Mount Kilimanjaro and explore the great Ngorongoro Crater.

African Safaris - Tanzania Safaris and Holidays

Our African Safari Selections

Choose your Best Types of African Safaris

Are you looking for that amazing holiday with exclusive and private experiences? Tanzania Safaris and Holidays offer exactly these kinds of safari experiences. Explore the Serengeti National Park on a balloon safari, or maybe walk with the local Maasais in Ngorongoro Crater, you won’t miss a thing that will excite you while on safari with us.

Discover Tanzania Safaris from the Northern Circuit to the Southern Circuit with our wide range of safari selections such as the great Wildebeest Migration and Bush to Beach Safaris.  

From Bush to Tanzania Beach Safari Holidays

After Safari Fly to the Beach

If you are in Zanzibar Island, or looking to visit Zanzibar Island, Pemba Island, Mnemba Island, and many others, our Bush and Beach Safari Packages are amazing. After a long bush safari experience in our Tanzania parks, a beach holiday safari would be ideal to just relax and enjoy the cool breeze of a white sandy beach.

Explore our beach safari holidays that are filled with amazing beach activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea diving, dhow cruises, and many others. Enjoy a cool city tour in Zanzibar discovering the spices, culture, and history of Zanzibar Island. 

From Bush to Beach Safari Holidays - Tanzania Safaris and Holidays
Zanzibar City Tour - Stone Town Tour Zanzibar - Tanzania Safaris and Holidays

Explore Tanzania Extensively

Our Tanzania Safaris and Holidays are Unmatched

From the Northern Circuit to the Southern Circuit to the numerous beach islands in Tanzania, this destination offers a lot and one can’t get enough of what is available for you. Our Tanzania Safaris explores all these destinations and attractions, to offer you exclusive wildlife safaris and cultural experiences. 

Our Tanzania Safaris can be combined with a Kenyan Safari to discover the diverse beauty of the great savannah grasslands both in Kenya and Tanzania. Witness the great wildebeest migration in the Serengeti National Park and later fly to Diani Beach in Kenya for a beach holiday extension, or Visit Northern Kenya and combine it with the great Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara. 

Best Serengeti Safaris in Tanzania - African Safaris and Tours - Tanzania Safaris and Holidays
From Bush to Beach Safari Holidays - Tanzania Safaris and Holidays

Why Tanzania Safaris and Holidays

We are Experts in Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania Safaris and Holidays offers the best safaris in Tanzania. With expertise and knowledgable guides and experts, our safaris are well crafted and designed to fit all your safari preferences. From private and exclusive, luxury safaris, flying safaris or even planning for a bush and beach safari, our experts are well conversant with all our products. 

Tanzania Safaris and Holidays have experts of more than 20 years in the industry, and you are guaranteed of nothing less but pure memorable safari experiences. 

Best Tarangire Safaris in Tanzania - African Safaris and Tours - Tanzania Safaris and Holidays
Best Serengeti Safaris in Tanzania - African Safaris and Tours - Tanzania Safaris and Holidays

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Like all of our holidays on this site, this is just an idea. All of our trips are tailor-made, so we’ll always adapt them to suit you.

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What You Should Know

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Book a Safari with Tanzania Safari Holidays

Booking a Tanzania Safari Holiday is easy, it starts with you, what you wish to experience, the bucket lists you would love to tick, and what you would want to discover when you visit East Africa. We have experts ready to help you plan your next holiday.

No.1 Choose your Safari destination

First, contact us and send us your inquiry and our experts will start with you right there. We will guide you through our extensive tips and guide you well in planning your next safari in Africa. As you start planning your next African Safari Holiday, the first thing that pops up is where you would want to visit. By visiting Tanzania, you are guaranteed unlimited safari memories.

You will want to know which National Parks, and wildlife destinations, maybe your preference is the beach, and you would wish a bush and beach safari. Explore these destinations extensively and decide where you would want to visit. 

No.2 Plan Your Safari 

It’s now time to plan your safari and perfect it for the best. Once you have decided where to go, it’s good to know the number of days and nights you spend per destination. Also, our experts will help you select the best safari itinerary, safari accommodations, and best locations. 

No.3 Book and Enjoy your Safari

Finally, after your planning is completed, it’s good to book and pay for your safari as early as possible to avoid a last-minute rush that becomes expensive and at times messes up your safari due to the availability of camps and lodges. After payments, you can now relax and wait for your dream trip safari to Africa. 

We will ensure we allocate you the best safari guides who will be with you all through your entire safari. 

What Should I Pack For My African Safari Holiday

As you plan your next East African Safari, there are a few things you will need to consider to pack for safari. There are a few things you will need to carry for your safari that will help you have a smooth trip. 

  1. Passport with all the required visas for every country your African safari travels to and through.

  2. Some cash and bank cards (Forex and/or Credit Card). You can also use e-wallet apps these days to avoid carrying cards and cash.

  3. Air tickets and travel vouchers for any pre-booked safari tours.

  4. Vaccination certificates (yellow fever, COVID, etc) where required. Some vaccinations need to be taken well in advance (see Vaccinations needed for your African Safari)

  5. Medication: malaria prophylactics if advised (see Malaria Made Simple) and any personal medication (also take your prescription in case of an emergency – your medication gets lost, wet, eaten by a baboon, etc)

  6. Travel insurance policy details. Your policy number and the contact details for claims and emergencies. (Comprehensive travel insurance is mandatory for African safari bookings).

  7. Cell phone. Most globetrotters travel with a smartphone to stay in touch with family and friends, connect to Wi-Fi, and for emergencies.

  8. Copies of your important documents: as a precaution take a copy of your air tickets, travel insurance policy, vaccinations, visas, prescriptions, and passport. 

  9. A hard copy of your most important contact numbers in case you lose your phone.

Remember to pack as lightly as possible, as there are often luggage restrictions on local safari flights. Additionally, specific packing requirements may vary depending on the type of safari and the time of year you visit Kenya. Always check with your safari operator for any specific recommendations or requirements for your safari adventure.

What is the Best Time to Visit Tanzania and Kenya for Safaris

The best time to visit Tanzania and Kenya depends on what wildlife you’d like to spot. The country’s seasons and wildlife numbers are dictated by the rain, so you’ll have a slightly different experience depending on when you choose to visit.

The best time to visit Tanzania for a safari is June-August. It’s comfortably cool, plus two million animals make the precarious Mara River crossing in June and July. Outside these months, you can track the migration elsewhere in the Serengeti.

Tanzania’s ‘green season’, between November and March, is much quieter. While there’s a chance of rain showers, it’s a fantastic time for birdwatching as migratory species arrive in their thousands. You’ll also see Great Migration herds with their newly born calves.

January, February, and July to October are the best time to travel to Kenya as it is the dry season – hot and cool respectively. November, December, and April to June are the short and long rainy months respectively. However, with a diverse geography and a moderate climate, Kenya is considered a great year-round safari and beach holiday destination.

What type of Safaris do Tanzania Safaris and Holidays Offer?

We offer a wide range of safaris. From exclusive and private safari holidays to customized family safaris, charter safaris, and adventure holidays such as trekking Mt. Kilimanjaro and summit. Visit the Serengeti with us to witness the great wildebeest migration, or a big cat safari in our Northern Circuit safaris. 

Luxury Safaris in Tanzania 

We offer exclusive luxury safaris in East Africa. Including Charter flight safaris to exclusive destinations such as Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, and Ruaha National Park. We plan the best safaris in East Africa, including Masai Mara, Amboseli, and Samburu in Kenya. 

Safaris from Arusha 

Are you in Arusha for business? Book with us a short safari within Arusha, and visit Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Park on short stays of 2 Nights or 3 Nights. Have a full safari experience for short days and enjoy the best of Tanzania. 

Safaris from Dar El Salaam 

Our Safaris from Dar El Salaam are the best as well with flying packages to the Serengeti, or by road to Ruaha National Park. Enjoy short and long safaris in Tanzania, exclusively guided by our professional safari guides who will take of your entire experience. 

Safaris from Zanzibar

Same as Safaris from Dar El Salaam, our safaris from Zanzibar Island offer you a break from the beach holiday. Exposes you to the wild part of Tanzania, explores and sights wildlife species, and brings in the lion king dream right before you. 

Safaris from Nairobi 

Our Kenya Safaris from Nairobi are also well-designed to help you explore Kenya either on short stays or long stays. Visit the famous Masai Mara with our flying safari packages, or drive for 2 nights and enjoy the majestic Amboseli National Park, for a well-deserved Kenya Safari Holiday.

Safaris from Mombasa, Watamu, Diani Beach

Our Safaris from the beach, or the city of Mombasa, and visit the close safari parks and reserves around Mombasa. Enjoy short visit safaris to Tsavo West National Park from Mombasa, or even Tsavo East National Park from Watamu Beach.

Wildebeest Migration Safaris 

Witness the great wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Witness more than 1.2 Million wildebeests, antelopes, and zebras migrate and move from South Serengeti in Tanzania to Masai Mara

Bush to Beach Safaris

A beautiful holiday starts in the bush and ends on the beach. Enjoy wonderful wildlife sightings in our National Parks and enjoy the rough terrains, later fly to either Zanzibar Island Beach or Diani Beach in Kenyan Coast. A cool breeze to cool the rough rides in the wild of Tanzania and Kenya. 

What Should I Expect in My First Safari with Tanzania Safaris and Holidays?

Your Safari To Tanzania and Kenya should be one of the best. Expect nothing but magical memories, create beautiful connections with people, and sight amazing wildlife in East Africa. On your first day after your flight, our able professional safari guides will be waiting for you at the airport, ready to pick you up for your next adventure. 

After a night in Arusha or Nairobi, you are welcomed to the world of the unknown, packed with amazing adventures and experiences. We recommend a minimum of 2 nights in each safari destination, as you get a chance to explore and rest as well. Enjoy morning and evening game drives in each destination, or even add more safari activities such as balloon safaris, Maasai Community visits, Bush Nature Walks, and many more. 

Wake up early to refresh your day with cool bush music from the birds, and later have a hot breakfast before you embark on a full-day game drive. You can have lunch in the bush or return to camp for a hot lunch and later return for an evening game drive. In the evening after a busy day in the bush, you can enjoy a relaxing beautiful sundowner, before retiring for the day.

Is Tanzania Safe for Safari Holidays?

Tanzania is very safe for safari holidays. Guests can move around cities easily with no fear of security issues. It’s one of the safest safari destinations in East and South Africa. The risks commonly associated with travel to Tanzania relate to specific – and strictly non-tourist – areas of the country. It’s important to note that any areas you’ll be visiting on your safari trip are low-risk areas and very safe to visit.

Is Tanzania Safaris and Holidays Sustainable?

We are very sensitive with our safaris and we ensure we are sustainable, our safaris are eco-friendly and we avoid all kinds of emissions, littering, and use of plastics. Learn more about our sustainable commitment here.

Who We Work With

Like all of our holidays on this site, this is just an idea. All of our trips are tailor-made, so we’ll always adapt them to suit you.

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